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GLAS 2022 Award Winners

We would like to thank Lou Bones, Cristóbal León, and Tomek Popakul for sharing their work with us and for participating on the jury for the 7th edition of the GLAS Animation Festival. We would also like to thank all the filmmakers for sharing their films with us and our audience.

To keep the spirit of the in-person festival, we wanted to announce the award winning films as a complete surprise, for everyone at the same time.

Without further ado, we are pleased to announce the award winners for GLAS 2022.

Grand Prix
Pests by Juliette Laboria

Jury Statement: Juicy ,atmospheric, sensual movie. You feel the heat, the garden, stickyness of the fruits. Precise observation focused on depiction of everyones universal experience brings  interspecie micro-drama . Tale  of innocence,cruealty and revenge, all during  kids garden party. Are there always somewhere worlds burning in flames ?

Special Mention
Noir Soleil by Marie Larrivé

Jury Statement: This is a short film that looks like a feature film. You could also say it’s an animation that could be live-action. But the truth is that it is a film that defines its own rules and invents a genre of its own. When a corpse floats to the surface, it is we who dive into a world of ambiguous and subtle sensations. The almost impressionistic quality of the images is perfect to describe a world of truths and feelings that remain out of focus.

High Risk Award
Ghost Dogs by Joe Cappa

Jury Statement: Immediately intriguing (helped by some fantastic music+sound design), this off-kilter film straddles the cute, known lives of man’s best friend and the very surreal. The colour palette, character design of the Ghostdogs along with the edit adds to a certain uneasiness but you cant tear your eyes away! Gradually building in pace as the trip intensifies and dimensions blur to a sick little twist at the end.

New Talent Award
Goodbye Jerome by Gabrielle Selnet, Adam Sillard, Chloé Farr

Jury Statement: You want to put every shot into picture frame and hang it on your wall. Visionary and and done with highest craftmanship, with quirky and balanced narration, movie using all animation magic tricks to tell surrealistic breakup story, with no answer , no relief. The only thing you are sure – you are completely lost.

Audience Award
Sierra by Sander Joon

Family Competition Award
Luce and the Rock by Britt Raes

Jury Statement: A lot of thought has gone into the production of this wonderful film. The fun and inventive use of shape, light and colour throughout is thoroughly engaging. The relationships and emotions the story covers are dealt with subtlety while excellent sound design, music/song and voice acting keep the story moving along as the hugely endearing Luce and her village encounter an unexpected visitor.

Family Special Mention
Homebird by Ewa Smyk

Jury Statement: Elegant , modest movie with tasteful “claire-ligne” visuals about finding peace within yourself  on the transition transition from rural to urban life, the past and the present ,full of romantic eastern european nostalgia.

US Competition Award
Tennis Ball on His Day Off by Julian Glander

Jury Statement: The juxtaposition of the tennis ball character facing the reality of our modern lives as the world ticks by is both unsettling and deeply relatable… Use of a voice machine message to tell the story creates further separation and helps to encapsulate the dissociative states we find ourselves in more and more these days. Great use of surreal low poly CG design and colour. The tertiary characters are annoyingly clever and to the point while the vacant scenes build the mood and heightened sense of time passing… or wasted.

US Competition Special Mention
Menagerie by Jack Gray

Jury Statement: What is this short film about? It is difficult to say. More than a story, this short film is a landscape-film, a world that we can contemplate in detail. Like dreams, Menagerie is made of contemporary everyday life, transformed and metabolized to create a universe with a particular engineering. It is a short film that seems to flow with the naturalness and ease of a sketchbook, as if someone had animated it while talking on the phone, which is extremely difficult to achieve in animation.

Best Gif Presented by Giphy Arts
Soccer Bounce by James Thatcher