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US Competition

  • 140 mins

A showcase of animated shorts from both students and professionals made from filmmakers across The United States.

Immediately following the screening is a Q&A with the filmmakers in this screening moderated by Ankita Panda.

Films: 80 minutes
Q&A: 60 minutes
Available Worldwide

In this program

Cinnamon, Thunderstorm

Directed by Jennifer Levonian

After reading a magazine article titled “Six Tips for When You’re Dying Inside,” a woman holed up in…

Eyes and Horns

Directed by Chaerin Im

The portrayal of the over masculine Minotaur and his transformation.


Directed by Dalena Tran

Has the future already happened? Conceptually using Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) and composed of a single take, “Incomplete”…


Directed by Young Joo Lee

A young woman who works for a biotech corporation that regenerates and harvests her healthy limbs discovers that…

March of the Ding Dings

Directed by Christopher Rutledge

The “Ding Dings” emerge from a post-human Earth and begin establishing their new Utopia.


Directed by Jack Gray

Day after day, inhabitants of the Menagerie play out their daily lives like clockwork. Menagerie is a study…

Still Life

Directed by Connor Griffith

“We live in a world of objects and a world of objects lives within us.” Composed of over…

Ten Degrees of Strange

Directed by Lynn Tomlinson

“Ten Degrees of Strange” is a music video based on a song by Robert Macfarlane and Johnny Flynn,…

Tennis Ball on His Day Off

Directed by Julian Glander

A tennis ball reflects on aging, self-improvement, hustle culture, and his own impending mortality. But in a cute…


Directed by Nicole Stafford

In an alternate dimension, the stoic god of Power-Unrecognized waits for unrelenting Greed to come and consume her…


Directed by Christopher Rutledge

A short experimental film of refractive caustic patterns, optics, dispersion, and transmission in glass and liquid like materials….